Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finally HTML 5 and Android

Today was a really good day. Despite the fact that I wanted to take it slow today, combined with my efforts late last night, I managed to debug the Android and the HTML 5 version. The later did only work with a compromise that breaks the flow of the gameplay somewhat - the Sounds are played for a fixed length now instead of as long as they are with a max of 5 seconds. A tester said on iOS you cannot here sounds at all :-( but it works well on OS X and Windows (if you tried it out on other platforms or browsers beside Chrome and Safari please feel free to tell me about it in the comments). Of all the versions I published now, the Android version is the most fun. You can sideload it here.

I like to spare the casual reader of what exactly was wrong, but you can read the details here if you like. Later I published the HTML 5 version on and got it was authorized soon after. So you can play it there. I may add PBL (Points, Batches, Leaderboards) later on with the provided interface. I was thinking about some kind of arcade mode anyway. And yep, possibly advertisement and social functions (a ka nagging).

And after all that I spend a nice evening with my best friend in the city, visiting a sushi bar and watched Cloud Atlas. See, I still manage to "have a life" ;-)

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