Sunday, June 30, 2013

Uncanny silence?

Sorry for being so silent. It all started, when my landlord didn't pay my cable tv as said and my Internet, that comes via cable, was blocked. I spent one and a half month having my internet access reduced to the absolutely neccessary access with my mobile phone. It was an interesting experience. I had prepared blogpost mostly written here about my march project and how it didn't become what I first anounced, but a board game instead. The April project was Playmory for Mac. That may sound a bit lazy, but in fact I had a lot of work to get it, including buying, learning and setting up a Mac OS X system. Without online access, I couldn't even start Gamemaker, because the Steam version needs Steams online authentication, so my May game was a modified Poker where you have to haggle and collaborate above the usual betting. And my June game will be a board game, again. I created it at the start of the month. I really planned on 12 Software games for OneGameAMonth So what is my "excuse" this time?

Checking my Blog inworld

When I was offline and I could not work on a new game, I continued an abandon software project that is in fact one that I need, and every friend I tell about it, wants it too. I nearly forgot about it and concentrated on the much "cooler" gamedevelopment, but I really have to do it, because beside the fact that I need it, so do others, and so there is a market for it out there, which cannot be said for a certain game, before it stands the test of publishment. So - if I want to write games in the future I have to not do it right now ;-)

Open Computer...

Meanwhile I built myself a linux system, too, to be able to serve this market in the future (and as I have it, I will place a lot of services on it). Out of the parts of a computer that was never assembled because some small parts where missing that hindered me to assemble it as a desktop. Now I simply use it open. My 14 year old, once 6000$ display is still a beauty and now servers not only both the Mini Mac and the even-more-open-than-usual-Linux-computer, but also my Wii. So three systems at one workplace, not bad :-)

Mac Mini
3 Systems, one workplace

Also I used the time to learn a lot about the Adobe products and even got myself a drawing pad. Here is my first drawing:


I plan to use Blender more and want to use handdrawn textures, too. With the new possibilities for the free Unity version of Unity I will try my hands on 3D gaming :-). And I need it for my Second Life, too ;-) Thank god I'm not completly new to it, e.g. I created the title screen for my January 1GAM in Blender (but not the models themself) and used a rendering from above for the sprites.

Future Startscreen for my game

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